Phonon-assisted coherent transport of excitations in Rydberg-dressed atom arrays

Polarons, which arise from the self-trapping interaction between electrons and lattice distortions in a solid, have been known and extensively investigated for nearly a century. Nevertheless, the study of polarons continues to be an active and evolving field, with ongoing advancements in both fundamental understanding and practical applications. Here, we present a microscopic model that exhibits a diverse range of dynamic behavior, arising from the intricate interplay between two excitation-phonon coupling terms. The derivation of the model is based on an experimentally feasible Rydberg-dressed system with dipole-dipole interactions, making it a promising candidate for realization in a Rydberg atoms quantum simulator for excitation dynamics interacting with optical phonons. Remarkably, our analysis reveals a growing asymmetry in Bloch oscillations, leading to a macroscopic transport of nonspreading excitations under a constant force. Finally, we demonstrate the robustness of our findings against on-site random potential.